The Hidden Treasure

Summer Solstice is known as the longest day if the year. The day where summer feels like it is just begging. The celebration goes back to our ancient ancestors. Around 2500 BCE Stonehenge was created to establish the solstice date. On the morning of the solstice, the sun will shine just right through all of the stones. It is a magnificent sight and I definitely suggest making a trip to Europe for the solstice.IMG_1472 (1)


Salisbury is the closest city to Stonehenge, so I suggest staying her before and after the summer solstice. This is a beautiful town that is definitely worth exploring. There is also a shuttle that will take you out to Stonehenge from Salisbury, for a decent price. Admission into Stonehenge on Summer Solstice is free.    Along with, getting to Salisbury is really easy. If you are coming from London, it is about an hour and a half. There are multiple trains going and leaving a day, so it is real easy to grab a train.


The Cathedral Hotel – this is a lovely hotel, with a prime location, right in the middle of town. It is also decently cheap. There is a pub downstairs, that if you are looking for a late night dinner or a quick bite to eat, comes in handy.

The Old Mill Hotel – this hotel is right next to the train station and is not a far walk from the main part of town. It is a lovely hotel kind of out of the way. There is also a good pub on the first floor.

The Chapter House Inn – this is a more expensive hotel but is definitely worth the price. It has beauty decor and is very cozy, with decent sized rooms.  Great location in town also.


Honestly just walk around town and pick out a restaurant, you can not go wrong anyway in Salisbury. All of the restaurants have delicious food, and staff that cares.

Things To Do:

Salisburry Cathedral – this is cathedral has amazing architecture, has the tallest spire in the UK. It is a must see and you can go on a guided tour or just explore on your own. The cathedral is, also, home to Magna Carta; which is open to see for free. Another great thing about the Cathedral is they always host different types of artwork in the courtyard.

Old Sarum: This is just on the outskirts of town, an easy walk or a quick drive. The area around the Old Sarum is gorgeous and is high up so you can see the entire city and beyond. It was the oldest settlement iSalisburyyy. Old Sarum was once owned by Saxons who fought off the Vikings here and then was taken over by Normans. Normans built a lavish palace and the first Cathedral of Salisbury. Old Sarum once houses King Henery I.

Shopping – there are many cute shops in Salisbury. So, definitely take advantage of this and go exploring the town while stopping in all the shops.

Salisbury has many historic parts to it so go out and explore the city.


The night of summer solstice, there will be many shuttles going out to Stonehenge starting around 7 and end about 10. I suggest taking your time getting out there but make sure to see the sunset. Eat a big dinner before heading out because you will not be able to eat much more once out on the site. There are different food trucks, like a coffee and donuts, and I believe there is a regular food one. Be prepared when heading out. Bring lots warm clothes, it gets quite chilly at night. Also, bring a blanket, sleeping bag, just something to sit on and to wrap yourself up with. Bring stuff to do, you are going to be sitting out in the middle of nowhere for multiple hours. Make sure your phone is charged up and bring a portable charger just n case. You are going to want to make sure your phone has a battery so you can take some amazing photos. Bring a GoPro is you have one, there are many opportunities to get some awesome filming, I wish I had one when I went. The sun rises about 4 in the morning and there are shuttles taking everyone back between 5 and 6 in the morning. Make sure you have a hotel for the following night because when you get back you are going to want to go right sleep and take it easy the rest of the day.





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